The Grove MIA


The design intent is to draw from the existing historical Spanish Mediterranean building and Coconut Grove’s surrounding textures to develop a modern interpretation for the complex. The renovation of the existing retail buildings along Main Highway and Fuller will maintain it’s character, which is what Coconut Grove is known for.



Architecture by Modis.


"Miami’s original neighborhood was founded in 1873 by an eclectic mix of pioneers, artists, intellectuals and adventurers. The tropical oasis of Coconut Grove is an escape from the stresses of city life. Coconut Grove is located in the middle of Miami, yet completely separate and quaint.  The Grove offers a warm, laid-back atmosphere with charming boutiques, galleries, gourmet restaurants, sidewalk cafes and sailboats anchored at the bay. The neighborhood’s distinct bohemian flair and lush tropical canopy make this one of Miami’s favorite neighborhoods for locals and visitors alike." 

-Coconut Grove BID